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February 25, 2019

We’ve all stepped into the home of a stylish world traveler and wondered why our souvenirs don’t look quite so chic in the real world. Here are some tips to take your finds from vacation to reality….



Whenever I’m somewhere new, I make it a point to bring back a piece of art – whether it’s an original from a local artist, a photograph print, or a vintage piece – my only real rule is that it’s been created there. This is an amazing way for you to not only build out an impressive art collection (very affordably), but also keep your travel memories in front of you at home.



How many times have you walked through a street market and seen a gorgeous piece of fabric that you’d never find at home? You might think you’d never find use for a spool or swatch of fabric, but turning a textile into decorative throw pillows is surprisingly easy and affordable. And this is one home good souvenir that is incredibly easy to pack!



As a lover of all things paper goods (stationery, notebooks, pens, cards, I could go on forever), I seek out local shops whenever I’m traveling. You’ll find such a unique assortment around the world. Bonus: beautiful cards can also be turned into artwork with a quick trip to the framer.



All you have to do is scroll through Pinterest to find some inspiration on how to incorporate books into home décor. While I love coffee table books as much as the next girl, mixing in vintage and foreign-language books is a great way to make your collection unique. Buy simply for the pretty covers, or, if you have a favorite classic book, start a collection of copies from around the world.



Travel is the ideal opportunity to pick up trinkets that add not only style, but a story, to the vignettes around your home. A tiny jade animal from China for your bar cart, a brass tribal objet from South Africa for your mantel, a hand-painted porcelain ashtray from France for your desk… You’ll have a beautifully layered, authentically stylish home after just a few trips!

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