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The Set

April 8, 2021

THE SET | India Hicks

The Set - India Hicks

Early in my career, I was lucky enough to have worked under a handful of truly inspiring women who shaped me as person – and as an entrepreneur. One of those women is India Hicks. India was born into aristocracy – her mother was the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, and she herself served as one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids (sorry India, had to mention it) – and her life looks like most people’s vacations – she moved from England to Harbour Island where she fell in love and raised her family – but she still is one of the hardest working people I know. I had the privilege of working as director of marketing for her namesake luxury lifestyle brand as my last job before starting my own business, and learned so much about refining my own eye and voice, building a brand (subtly), as well as being a female entrepreneur (and juggling) under her tutelage.

India is perhaps the ultimate and original multi-hyphenate. Model turned muse turned designer turned TV personality turned author turned entrepreneur turned Podcast host turned advisor turned humanitarian (and I’m sure I’ve left out something in between), she has truly done it all – and done everything with her signature impeccable style and [Virgo] perfection. Oh, and somehow while juggling all that she’s also managed to be an incredible mother to FIVE children, while living on a tiny remote island (the charming Harbour Island). She’s been everywhere and knows everyone, but is still remarkably unassuming (and charmingly self-deprecating). It’s almost irritating that someone as strikingly and timelessly beautiful as India could also be the most charismatic, hilarious, and sharp person in the room, but that part’s true too. She’s an all-around badass with unmatched style, and I could go on, but I’ll stop myself. Read on to learn more about her travel style…

THE SET (as in, jetset) is a blog series that gives a peek into the travel styles of the jetsetters we adore and admire… Because we’re all a little voyeuristic sometimes – and who isn’t looking for a little distraction right now?

NAME: India Hicks / @indiahicksstyle
OCCUPATION: Somewhat unknown at the moment.
HOME AIRPORT: North Eleuthera the Bahamas (ELH)
image via @indiahicksstyle
WHAT’S YOUR SIGN: Virgo – deeply painful to live with
AISLE OR WINDOW: Window always
CARRY-ON OR CHECK: Love to think that it could always be carry-on – the reality is living on a small island you need to always be bringing enormous amounts of stuff back with you as very little available on the rock.
LUGGAGE: Just commissioned a beautiful handcrafted Tusting satchel for David as a wedding non-wedding present (we were meant to get married [last year] but Boris Johnson wouldn’t let us). If I could afford it I would have Tusting make all of my luggage.
image via @indiahicksstyle
CARRY-ON ESSENTIAL: A small squishy sweater, I am always freezing on a plane.
TRAVELING SHOES: Havaianas flip-flops on the short hop from North Eleuthera into Miami. Converse All-Stars from Miami anywhere else.
CAFFEINE FIX: I’m not so focused on caffeine but indulge in a really repulsive combination of English breakfast tea with hot frothy milk. My very British mother is appalled. Mind you, my father drink Coca-Cola without it – fizzzzz – he would deliberately leave the bottle caps off the bottles.
MOVIE OR BOOK: Movie but more recently books at 3AM when sleep evades me.
AIRLINE: Pineapple Air North Eleuthera to Nassau for the dentist
AIRPLANE DRINK: Do we still get one? I thought they had taken all frivolities away.
REAL WORLD DRINK: Pimm’s on an English summer day
image via @indiahicksstyle
UNPACK OR LIVE OUT OF SUITCASE: Unpack always unpack
ALWAYS PACK: Running shoes
SOUVENIR: Hotel slippers if I’m staying in a fancy hotel – my kids used to love them when they were tiny and I can’t bear to give up the tradition.
BUZZ-WORTHY: Hester Bly, a luxury resortwear brand that was named after two great female travelers.
image via @indiahicksstyle
ROOM SERVICE ORDER: Always breakfast if possible – eggs Benedict.
EXERCISE ON THE GO: I’m a runner and it’s the best way to explore a new city.
CITY OR COUNTRY: Country girl at heart but city for the excitement.
MOUNTAINS OR SEA: I live by the sea so mountains for holiday.
OCEAN OR POOL: Oh I hate having to choose.
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WINTER DESTINATION: Switzerland for skiing
SUMMER SPOT: My mother’s rose garden
image via @indiahicksstyle
FAVORITE AMERICAN CITY: Too many to decide upon – San Francisco, New York, Miami?
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HONEYMOONED IN: We skipped that bit
DREAM TRAVEL COMPANION: My other half, David
image via @indiahicksstyle
HOTEL LOBBY: La Réserve Paris
HOTEL BAR: La Réserve Paris
HOTEL POOL: La Réserve Paris – are you spotting the pattern?
image via @indiahicksstyle
LOCAL SECRET: Marvin’s homemade pizza literally made in his own kitchen delivered to your home
FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Breakfast overlooking a calm ocean on a warm Bahamian morning on the terrace of the Dunmore hotel eating avocado on homemade toast.
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image via @indiahicksstyle
ON MY RADAR: Mental health, climate change, sustainability, Black Lives Matter, coronavirus vaccine… the world is upside down.
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BUCKET LIST: South America with my five children
TOP TRIP: On safari for my 50th birthday with David and my five children, an unforgettable adventure organized by the outstanding Nella and Tin Trunk Safari.
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image via @indiahicksstyle
image via @indiahicksstyle
LAST CHECKED INTO: Casa Tua Miami, my home away from home.
UP NEXT: Hopefully Oxfordshire to see my mother
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image via @indiahicksstyle
image via @indiahicksstyle
image via @indiahicksstyle
image via @indiahicksstyle
image via @indiahicksstyle

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