The Luxury of Being a Client

Why Arbiter Travel Co. is the gateway to your perfect travel experience.

February 16, 2023

You are organized, a planner and know what you want – some might even call you Type A. You are well-traveled and don’t lack experience knowing where to find the best custom-made sandal, this year’s beach club, or the little-known after-hour bar. So, why would you ever need to hire a travel advisor when you are completely capable of planning your own getaway?

At Arbiter Travel Co., we feel that true luxury is in the details, and 5-star service starts before you check in (and extends well beyond the time you check out). For us, hospitality means feeling cared for. We want to make your trip planning and travel experience seamless, but beyond that we want you to feel like you are being attended to in the ways that make you feel at ease – and at home. While planning, we don’t just ask where you would like to go but how you want to feel. We want to know the simple pleasures that make your day so that we can arrange for those things to happen for you. We can’t be there with you on your trip (we wish!), but you will feel our presence in all the personalized details. You will feel like the hotel staff has known you forever because they are aware that you like tea not coffee, that you like dark chocolate before bed and that Sundays are made for champagne. If you always like dinner timed with sunset or yoga booked at 9 AM… Arbiter will take care of you having all the extra indulgences and special treatments to feel pampered. The thoughtful touches Arbiter adds to your trip are what will make it exude the feeling of LUXURY beyond a 5-star hotel rating or a triple Michelin restaurant.

And while we provide our clients a reliable and noteworthy service, to our team it begins and ends with the relationships we build with our clients. Your dedicated Arbiter Travel Co. advisor will continue to learn more about you so that over time each trip can become more attuned to your individualized travel preferences. Between trips, we’ll send you a personal note with travel inspiration if we know you would love a new property or we uncover a hidden gem just right for your travel bucket list. Our overarching goal is to anticipate your needs, so we will be able to seek out your next dream experience even before you know you need it.

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