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May 12, 2020

My friend (and former boss/mentor), India Hicks, is collaborating with a new resort-wear brand, Hester Bly. They’re trying out a fun new marketing strategy, where women host micro “launch parties” to introduce the brand. These “Hester Bly Explorers” will be their brand ambassadors, as they are mainly direct-to-consumer right now (though they did have a trunk show on Moda Operandi as well). I was honored to host the inaugural party, so this Saturday night, I put on a gorgeous new Hester Bly dress, did my hair and makeup (for the second time in quarantine), and had some cocktails with my girlfriends. It felt great.

Hester Bly’s debut collection is inspired by Palm Springs, so we dressed up in our Slim Aarons best and dreamed of the vacations we could take in her dresses one day. 

I love what the brand stands for, and think they say it best themselves…

Hester Bly is a luxury travel-inspired brand that was born from a strong love of learning, discovering the treasures of the world and the boundless joy and freedom the art of travel bestows.

Hester Bly is the culmination of a life-long and never-ending passionate search of the most beautiful travel pieces that gracefully enhance the beauty of every woman and breathe seamlessly in the surroundings of every travel destination.

As a symbol and in celebration of the beauty of strong women and travel, the name Hester Bly combines the names of the first-of-their-kind female explorers and adventurers: “Queen of the Desert”, Lady Hester Stanhope and Nellie Bly.

Both women were history-makers and pioneers of their time and possessed a memorable strong, individual style which is lovingly passed on in every single stitch of a Hester Bly piece.

The quality of the clothes is amazing, and every detail is thought out. For example, the embroidery on the gorgeous Nancy dress, which I’m wearing here, was inspired by the midcentury walls around the city of Palm Springs.

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the Palm Springs collection. Though they’re inspired by Palm Springs, they would be perfect on any vacation – from the Amalfi Coast to the Hamptons – or simply for entertaining at home this summer. Visit Hester Bly to purchase directly.

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